Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is an accomplished Kuwaiti dentist, Top Kuwait football freestyler, Current Kuwait football freestyle president,Social media influencer and rising entrepreneur to name a few. His significant accomplishments in every field he is involved with has led to his rapidly inflating popularity, an inventible occurrenceowing to the constant recognition Dr. Ali is receiving from worldwide news and reputable internationalmagazines commending his multi-faceted versatile personality and significant talent on myriad fields. International business times publication labelled him as “As an entrepreneur to watch in 2021” and Techtimes called him an “Epitome of inspiration”.

He currently enjoys one of the highest social media engagements in the Middle east with his posts surpassing the 100K likes mark per post. Dr. Ali wishes to leverage this fame and popularity to educate, motivate and inspire people for optimal health and success. As a highly successful person awarded a scholarship to study dentistry in Leeds, United Kingdomwhere he has been awarded the second most talented dental student in the UK award, yet managing to maintain his ability as an elite athlete, being a highly sought freestyler that performs at world class events globally, sets a great live example of what he aims to preach. Currently he is affiliated with World Freestyle Football Association as the current Kuwait Football Freestyle President taking Kuwait’s sport to the next level!

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